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A developer's view of our hackathon

  • Zdravko Botushanov
  • Nov 18, 2019

It’s 8:30 AM at King’s Cross station. Just a quarter of a mile from that magical Platform 9 ¾ lies the WeWork coworking space, the venue of our event.

Even though we had more than three hours to prepare, we were still fully focused on the preparations, as we had to set up more than 10 machines.

Ten teams took place and had to battle for the grand prizes – Amazon Echoes. Who will win?

There were two processes available to choose from – one required using an HTML file and changing data inside, which would then be sent via email, while the other required using the Zoopla website to navigate and extract the average price of house in an area of choice. It was a tricky choice, because they required different logic to create.

The most interesting part of the event was that none of the people in the room had any practical experience in doing RPA. Still, Thoughtonomy’s environment is so user-friendly that in a matter of hours, with the help of our trusty team, everyone was able to create their first projects.

The first day consisted of a couple of presentations and then around 4 hours for the teams to work on their projects. They would also had 2-3 hours available on day 2. We were all happy to see that the teams quickly grasped the new knowledge and, by the end of the day, they already had functional automated processes.

Intelligent Automation hackathon
Intelligent Automation hackathon

In day 2 the teams had to finish up their projects and add logic, which is necessary for a robust project, e.g. exception handling, improvements on the structure of the code, following naming conventions etc.

At the of the event, we had a short “show and tell”, where some of the teams could present their projects. The winners “Team Baboon” had the most structured, functional and robust code and were awarded the prize.

Thus, this exciting journey came to an end. However, it will definitely not be the last, as we are preparing more events down the road. Stay tuned! Read more on our hackathon: Ready steady hack