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Automation helps accelerate delivery of accurate patient care

  • David Biden
  • Feb 10, 2020

The Royal Borough of Kingston (RBK) with automation partner human+ has automated processes so patients can receive necessary care quicker and with total accuracy post NHS hospitalisation. 

Through this automation ‘Proof of Concept’ not only will the patient’s experience improve, with requests for community care assessments being processed 24/7,  but RBK will benefit from an projected 3116 hours returned to the organisation and £65,371 of expected savings annually. 

The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames
The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames

This is based on the ‘assessment’ and ‘discharge notification’ processes taking approximately 10 minutes to complete by a a member of the Adult Social Care Business Support team reduced to less than 1 minute to be completed by the digital worker and include multiple validation checks to ensure accuracy.  

Rebecca Murphy, Corporate Head of Support and Operations at RBK commented;

“We’re excited to have improved a critical part of the customer experience through the beginnings of our automation journey. We’ve learned a lot during the proof of concept and plan to continue to with our automation agenda now we’ve seen the benefits that automation brings to our residents.”

David Biden, CEO of human+ said;

“Ensuring that some of our most vulnerable citizens receive access to the care they need in a faster and more accurate way is exactly why we set up human+. We’re delighted to have partnered with RBK and by replacing the mundane processes with automation, seeing their people focus on more pressing priorities." 

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