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Blue Prism acquires Thougtonomy; the RPA future is bright

  • David Biden
  • Jun 20, 2019

This week, RPA specialists Blue Prism announced they were acquiring Automation-as-a-Service platform, Thoughtonomy. In the world of Robotic Process Automation and ‘RPAaaS’, this is very exciting news – seeing two prominent UK-based tech companies coming together to form a dominant force in the market.

Merging the growing, global scale of Blue Prism with the advanced, AI-driven technologies of Thoughtonomy which were built upon the Blue Prism platform, means they are becoming a real force to be reckoned with in the global RPA market.

Being a partner of both companies and having worked closely with them since human+ was founded, and previously through my work at Notbinary, I have observed a lot of similarities in the company cultures. Both Blue Prism and Thoughtonomy have similar approaches to proving RPA solutions and aspirations for the future of their companies and RPA industry. This is a hugely important part of any merger or acquisition and promises for a successful joint venture.

Speaking of the acquisition, Blue Prism Co-founder and CEO, Alastair Bathgate, stated “The acquisition of Thoughtonomy will support a broader strategy to strengthen our portfolio with cloud offerings that deliver value and enhance customer experience.” In acquiring Thoughtonomy, Blue Prism have hugely accelerated their technological roadmap. 

The UK tech industry has been reacting positively to the acquisition, with Prolific London referring to it as “another great deal for London tech”. Meanwhile, MicroScope editor Simon Quicke wrote of the acquisition: “[it] will not only give the firm access to more skilled people, cloud expertise and customers, but a business that has been aggressively expanding its channel base.”

Speaking to Blue Prism on the acquisition, Sarah Burnett, Executive Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Everest Group, stated: “While Blue Prism RPA is at the core of Thoughtonomy’s offering, the acquisition brings other capabilities including different types of embedded intelligence and Wireframer, a coding quality tool. Thoughtonomy will also bring new clients to Blue Prism, boosting its presence in some verticals e.g. healthcare.”

With both technologies being underpinned by the Microsoft stack, the platform integration should be a smooth process, accelerating the speed at which customers can benefit from their combined services and skills.

I look forward to seeing how the technology and services provided by both companies come together as a combined platform, and working to ensure our clients make the best of the new platform.

David Biden

David has trained and mentored many individuals and believes the best leaders are great teachers.