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How can RPA help transform your student operations?

  • Honor Paddock
  • Jan 23, 2020

As student expectations increase, the political uncertainty of on student numbers continues and the financial pressures associated with running a university grow, means all higher education establishments are looking at ways to do more with less while transforming the student experience. 

Intelligent Automation is helping many universities to do just that. Whether it’s automating student experience or operational processes, departments are freeing up hundreds of hours to focus on more value added priorities. 

However having worked with the higher education sector, we’re aware of the nervousness often associated with new technology and the uncertainty of where and how to start. 

Which is why our higher education workshop for senior decision makers focuses on the power of Intelligent Automation, how to prepare your organisation for its adoption and create a benefit opportunity report for digital workers in your organisation.

At our complimentary event, join your senior peers for a strategic and practical session where you will:

  • Understand the story behind the rise of the digital workforce and how you can develop your own digital worker strategy and create operational resilience. 

  • Hear use cases on digital workforce implementation from within the Higher Education sector and best in class ones from outside it

  • Gain an insight into the business case development, ROI and the potential for new role creation

And to make sure you leave with a practical and tactical next step, you’ll take part in a Process Assessment Workshop to evaluate your current processes and their suitability for automation. You’ll create your own benefit opportunity report to help you educate your colleagues and gain approval for automating your first process. 

Intelligent Automation Workshop
Intelligent Automation Workshop

Honor Paddock

Honor is responsible for everything Marcomms related at human+ and is passionate about ethical automation.