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  • Ciara MacCooey
  • Jul 22, 2019

Here's a short synopsis of my last couple of weeks….


For those of you who follow my updates regularly you will know that I spend 70% of my time on delivery. We have accelerated our progress by building 4 processes in parallel. It's been manic with a huge amount to co-ordinate but we are now reaping the rewards of our hard work. Two processes have now  successfully completed UAT and we've gone live with our first process. Here's us celebrating the launch!

Val cake
Val cake


One of the things which has both inspired and delighted me is the way in which the client teams we have been engaging with have embraced RPA. A couple of projects I've worked on recently have seen the teams, of their own volition I might add, naming their Bots. For me humanising the bot is a really important step in the adoption of RPA within operations. The team starts to think of the bot as another person within the team and overtime will start to scrutinise their activities helping identify further opportunities for their robotic team member to undertake.


I had the pleasure of attending a Women in Silicon Roundabout follow up event hosted by Cancer Research UK. It was really interesting to hear Samantha Shepherd, Head of Data Capability & Operations talk about the key characteristics and drivers of a good data strategy and how CRUK are approaching  this. 

Avin Talabani, also spoke about Robotic Process Automation through a data lens and how the technology can support your data strategy. There are many examples of where RPA can support with data management; from running and consolidating reports to cleansing data. 


Talking of women in technology, Merici, who co-founded Ada’s List is joining the community full time. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a group for women who are committed to changing the tech industry. And as the wife of the CEO of FutureGov, also part of The Panoply, it’s especially exciting news.  I’ve become a member and am excited to be involved with such an important and exciting community. 

Ciara MacCooey

Ciara is our COO and has a natural ability to engage with stakeholders at all levels bringing transformational results.