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Ready, steady, hack!

  • David Biden
  • Oct 24, 2019

This week we were delighted to partner with the Disruptive Innovation Network (DIN) to host our first ‘hackathon’ in London. We welcomed more than 30 attendees from ten housing associations, with the aim of demonstrating useful ways in which robotic process automation (RPA) could integrate with their everyday processes. A straw poll ahead of the event showed that 75% of those who attended the two-day session were completely new to RPA, we were excited at this potentially game-changing moment for teams, as well as the chance to make the most of our collaborations with Thoughtonomy.

The DIN ‘Digital Worker 24-hour Hackathon’ ran a competition for teams across two themes; Property Market Benchmarking and Rent Arrears to see how quickly and effectively attendees could build out RPA-driven processes.

We were delighted to see the level of engagement at the hackathon, with attendees seemingly properly engaged with the underlying RPA tech, and increasingly aware of the practicalities of implementing it. Working support from our developers and Thoughtonomy, we saw teams creating fully fledged RPA processes in an encouraging and educational environment. 

The Thirteen Group
The Thirteen Group

Congratulations to The Thirteen Group who were worthy winners. 

As the team from Bromford wrote in their blog about the event, having a technology background wasn't necessary to understand and implement RPA at the event. They built a process in less than 24 hours that allowed them to track information from an email request, search for current house prices using a specific location, and house type, and generate an email back to the sender with the correct information required. 

Big thanks to Ian at DIN, who oversaw the organisation of a fantastic couple of days; it was clear that the vast majority of attendees took away plenty of valuable learning. 

In the future, we’ll look to build on the success of this event and look for further opportunities with our partners to spread the word about the intrinsic benefits of RPA. A bot allows organisations to automate processes at a fraction of the cost and time they normally take up and is a non-intrusive way of integrating with existing infrastructure. But it’s events like this which lower the barrier to entry for non-techy types, which is a key part of the successful wider adoption of automation in 2020 and beyond.

David Biden

David has trained and mentored many individuals and believes the best leaders are great teachers.